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every body is heavy

1920 x 1080 (18:40)



Told through the lens of a surveillance drone situated on opposing ends of the English Channel, every body is heavy explores

two distinct entities preyed upon by anti-virus software. The entities converse about power and poetics of bodies and environments

across intimate and universal scales, musing on spectatorship, sentience, gravity and mass—or, more fittingly, weight.

every body is heavy debuted at ShowRCA 2019. It has since been featured in UCL's Design & Politics Season, and Startpoint Prize exhibitions at Kovomat (Brno), Prague Market Hall (Prague), and Arti et Amicitiae (Amsterdam), 2019–2020; as well as the Aesthetica Prize Future Now publication (2021).

The filming and production of every body is heavy were made possible with the support of EJ O’Reilly (production assistance), Mike Wyeld (sound mixing), Roddy Cañas (sound suite), Gill Dibben (special effects assistance), and Paul Booth and Tom Railton (woodwork support).

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